Strengthen your people to build a better company culture

Eletive delivers real-time insights that enables you to take action to improve employee engagement and company culture.

Employee Engagement with Eletive

Successful employee engagement is about creating an environment where your people can do and be their best. Eletive involves everyone in creating a healthy and engaged company culture. Employees are empowered with self-leadership, managers are given actionable insights to take meaningful steps together with their teams’, and HR gains knowledge on the overall health of the organization to steer it in the desired direction.

What our clients think about us!

The data-driven insights we receive in Eletive helps us to keep track of the engagement of our employees in real-time, leading to higher productivity and retention. At the same time, we get a wide picture of the company culture.

Cecilia Tibatt

HR Manager, Danir

Employee Engagement features

Ask the right questions

Designed by psychologists and data scientists, the Eletive platform helps you to drive engagement by asking your employees science-based questions. With the help of machine learning, Eletive provides your people with the right questions at the right time. By asking relevant follow-up questions, deviations can be found and sorted out. The platform delivers significant data which generates actionable insights in real-time for everyone in your organization.

Empower self-leadership

Every employee within your organization gets access to the platform to view and track their own engagement progress. The platform provides every employee with actionable data and recommended advice to increase their well-being and engagement. This inclusive approach takes the pressure off your managers and provides employees with the right tools to thrive.

Get the full picture

Get new and clear insights customized after your organization. Eletive provides you with knowledge of how the different employee segments in your organization are truly feeling. The intuitive dashboards highlight the strengths and areas for improvement across your organization. The holistic view helps HR to compare disparities between groups in the work towards building an organization.

Insights for the present and the future

Descriptive insights clarify your current strengths and priorities. Prescriptive insights give HR, managers, and employees the recommended directions for the next steps to take. Predictive insights provide you with information on where you need to act to avoid negative outcomes.

Take action together

Create strong teams by taking action together, with the support of Eletive. Leaders get actionable insights and recommended actions to take effective and meaningful steps together with their teams. By using a transparent approach, leaders and their teams can act on feedback to proactively increase employee engagement and well-being. This generates a workplace where everyone can thrive.

Diversity and inclusion

Building an inclusive culture ensures that everyone in your business can thrive and bring their full self to their work. With Eletive data-driven insights you can truly understand how your people experience the workplace. You will get an understanding of the experience in different employee groups, in the employee’s own words, and act on what will make a real difference to your people.

Make sure your people can reach their full potential