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Why Eletive? 




Advanced people management

Advanced people management

Segment your data, give managers admin rights based on level, and save time with smart automations.

  • Segment your data for analytic insights

    Slice and dice your employee data based on different segments. Your segmentation can include things like country, region, department, team, and hire date. Segments can also be defined by things like birth date or gender. There is no limitation, and you can import any data you need to make your analysis. This will help you better understand the different parts of your organisation.

  • Delegate with flexible access management

    Hierarchies enable managers to access the dashboards and data concerning employees below them in the organisational hierarchy. Hierarchies can be uploaded manually via an excel import or set up via the user interface. Eletive can also automatically identify relationships within the employee data using advanced algorithms to set and maintain hierarchies.

  • Empower your managers with administration rights

    To empower your people, and minimize the administration for HR, Eletive enables you to give managers admin rights to settings and employee data on the levels relevant to them. Managers can see who is in their segment and edit participation in case of vacation or sick leave. When relevant, managers can download KIOSK codes for employees in their segment.

“We send the survey monthly to some parts of the organisation, quarterly to others, and there's a group who gets it twice a year. Segmenting is easy and it’s straightforward to tailor the system to our needs. It's very user-friendly.“

Anniken Mørch Fischer

Nordic People Development Manager, SATS

Nordic People Development Manager, SATS
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