Engaged people create successful organizations

A People Success Platform that enables you to take action together and build a workplace where everyone can thrive.

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Build a workplace where everyone can thrive

Eletive drives success by empowering employee self-leadership, letting your people be their best. Everyone is involved in creating a healthy company culture. The platform helps organizations all over the world to increase their employee engagement, promote the company culture, and improve business results in new ways.

This is Eletive

A Flexible and Agile People Driven Platform

Check the pulse of your organization

Eletive’s evidence-based real-time pulse surveys provide your organization with powerful data in a second. Pulse surveys, based on machine learning, give employees relevant questions that only take a few minutes to complete. This provides leaders, managers, and employees with actionable results in real-time.

Increased insights lead to better people decisions

Categorize and analyze the data according to your needs. Categorize for example by team, office, country, or time of employment. Get new and clear insights customized to your organization. Identify areas that need attention and deep dive into the data for a clearer picture.

Empower employees with self-leadership

Top management, managers, and employees should take action and work with results to create a difference. The greatest effect is achieved when every employee is involved in taking responsibility. Therefore, all employees get access to a personal dashboard with concrete advice and tools to increase self-leadership.

Trusted by companies all over the world

Join organizations all over the globe increasing their company culture with Eletive

”We use Eletive to improve our employees' engagement and well-being in real-time. The platform allows us to become data-driven in HR matters. The instant information helps us to take meaningful steps towards becoming the best global employer possible.”

Annelie Henriksson

HR Manager

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