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Performance management: 1:1s, OKRs & 360

Performance management: 1:1s, OKRs & 360

Align around goals, track progress, and manage performance.

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Create action plans and track progress

Create objectives and action plans on organisational, segment, and individual levels

Set SMART goals and reach them

Align around goals and track progress. Use OKRs to visualize targets and break down silos.

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Support leaders with tools and processes

Create organisational templates for 1:1s and collect all information in one place. Develop your managers with 360-degree feedback.

  1. SMART Goals and OKRs
  2. 1on1s
  3. Notifications
  4. 360 feedback

Set SMART goals and track your progress

Align your organisation around common goals and track goal fulfillment and progress. Use OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) to visualise targets, create transparency, and break down silos.

Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

Discover how you can create, track, and reach OKR's faster with Eletive. Connect goals throughout the organisation & show how everyone contributes to them.

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Individual action plans

Discover how our tool can help you create individual action plans, connect actions to survey results and track progress. See if actions lead to improvements.

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Team action plans

Easily track progress on team action plans with Eletive. Easily assign tasks to team members, track progress and see if the actions taken lead to improvements.

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Organisational action plans

Create action plans at different levels, connect actions to survey results, and follow progress to see if the actions lead to improvements.

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