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Why Should We Boost Self-Leadership?

WhitepaperOrganizations have reported positive change and increased success from implementing self-leadership strategies. Instead of waiting for directions, using self-leadership allows employees to develop new ideas and find better ways to solve their problems, which in turn leads to increased output.

Establishing a Feedback Based Culture

WhitepaperTo achieve a structured feedback culture many organizations are leaning towards digital platforms to assist the process and a clear trend in the industry is the use of real time pulse-surveys. Organizations are now working in symbiosis with technology to manage feedback in real time and give employees a democratic platform where everyone can make their voice heard.

From Insight to Action

GuideEmployees who don’t believe action will be taken based on their feedback are 7 times more likely to be disengaged. Learn more about gathering feedback efficiently, and how to take meaningful action with Eletive. Focus less on administration - focus more on taking action when it’s needed.

Eletive Scientific Foundation

ReportThis report provides a broad overall picture of how work engagement is the key to trigger people to give their best, using discretionary effort, to develop a high performing workforce. Work engagement is linked to organizational competitive advantage, job performance and employee well-being.

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