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Eletive Scientific Foundation

Eletive Scientific Foundation

This report provides a broad overview of how work engagement is the key to unlocking and developing a high-performing workforce. Work engagement is linked to organisational competitive advantage, job performance, employee retention, and well-being.

Eletive Scientific Foundation

What you will take away

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The Validity and Reliability of the Eletive People Success Platform

An in-depth view of the scientific foundation that supports Eletive

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The relationship between work engagement and return on assets, profitability, and shareholder value.

Eletive Scientific Foundation

The research behind Eletive

There is a growing recognition that the financial health of organisations correlates with investments in employee well-being. Engaged employees are healthier, more resilient to stress, perform better, and stay longer with their employer. This report describes how organisations with engaged and committed employees outperform those with lower resilience and engagement.

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