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Purmo Group boosts employee engagement with Eletive

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Dole empowers proactive leadership with Eletive

Dole empowers proactive leadership with Eletive

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Eletive customer case Rutgers
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Rutgers: Building a happy workplace with Eletive

Rutgers is an NGO head-quartered in the Netherlands. They are committed to building a happy and healthy workplace for their employees and use Eletive to collect and act on emp…

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Gym training SATS

SATS measure employee engagement in realtime

Nordic fitness chain SATS uses Eletive for employee engagement surveys and performance management. Learn how it has helped them enable more self-leadership in the organisation…

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Houses in Sollentuna

Sollentunahem uses Eletive to increase self-leadership

From one, big, employee engagement survey per year – to regular pulse surveys in real-time. With Eletive, Sollentunahem have not only modernised their HR processes but also in…

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Rusta Warehouse
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Eletive support Rusta on their growth journey

Rusta wanted to move from one big yearly employee engagement survey to a more agile way of measuring culture and well-being.

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Office building Croisette
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Building a strong employer brand with Eletive

Croisette Real Estate Partner is one of the most expansive and innovative advisory firms in the Swedish real estate industry. Their team of 90 dedicated advisors offers adviso…

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Womenshopping in Mekonomen store
From one survey every other year to agile pulse surveys

From one survey every other year to agile pulse surveys

Mekonomen ditches the old-school way of working with one massive survey in favour of agile pulse surveys to get real-time insights.

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