Eletive empowers proactive leadership at Total Produce Nordic

Today we have modern and agile ways of working with engagement in a data-driven way.

Christina Hagdahl

HR Business Partner at TPN

Total Produce has a modern and agile approach to employee engagement. Monthly pulse surveys monitor the state of the organization, and the eNPS score keeps improving.

About Total Produce Nordic

Total Produce Nordic (TPN) is a market-leading business group in the fruit and industry. TPN gathers several leading brands in a global network of partners and suppliers.

Total Produce is using Eletive for employee engagement surveys since 2019.


Before, TPN used to perform one extensive employee engagement survey every year. The tool they used was not very user-friendly, and the process of collecting and analyzing the responses was time-consuming and involved a lot of admin work for the HR team.

"When it was time to take action on the results, the metrics and responses were already outdated. It was not an agile way of working, and it didn't add much value," says Christina Hagdahl, HR Business Partner at TPN.

Therefore, the company was looking for a more modern way to measure and drive employee engagement. There was a general lack of transparent and streamlined processes for improving the work environment and employee experience.

Where there was earlier a lack of measurable insights, there is now a clear overview. 

"What we needed was more modern methods and tools, to be able to work in a data-driven way," says Christina.  


TPN started implementing Eletive in the subsidiary brands in 2019. The first company to go live with pulse surveys was Everfresh, and now the others are next in line.

"Today, we primarily work with monthly pulse surveys. It means we can work proactively with employee engagement and work environment on a whole new level."

Total Produce put a lot of work into creating a positive culture. To measure how the company culture and values within the organization change and evolve, they've added a custom set of questions to the standard questionnaire. Christina also appreciates the ability to measure eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score).

"Our eNPS has steadily increased since we started with Eletive. Today we can quickly identify challenges that arise, and we can track progress in our survey results." 

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This new way of working has generated several positive outcomes. 

The employee engagement surveys, which used to be time-consuming and require a lot of manual work, are now automated. It'sIt's easy to track progress and get an overview of the results. 

HR is no longer the only team responsible for employee engagement. Instead, the ownership is shared with the rest of the organization. Today, leaders are empowered to work towards positive change together with their teams. 

"Today, many of our managers are entirely self-reliant. They work proactively and collaboratively to improve the work environment, and they appreciate the simplicity and ease of use that Eletive brings."

"Our managers appreciate how easy it is to create clear and intuitive reports. And it just takes a few clicks to export the results into great-looking PowerPoint presentations."   

The reports are then used in team meetings, where the results from Eletive are now a compulsory part of the agenda.  

"The reports create a common understanding and serve as a great foundation for constructive conversations. The results provide a concrete entry point to topics that can sometimes be difficult to address."

According to Christina, the most transformative change that Eletive has brought is that Today, there is a stronger focus on individual ownership and accountability.

"With Eletive, the managers are not responsible for solving problems on their own. Employees own their results, and team members work together towards positive change."