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Xella Group: Increasing employee engagement with Eletive

Xella Group is a prominent construction and building materials company with a diverse workforce of 4,500 employees across Europe. The group uses Eletive to measure and increase employee engagement in the organisation.

We had a chat with Isabell Gerber of Xella’s People & Organisational Development team, to learn about their journey with Eletive, marking a shift towards more transparent, accessible, and effective employee engagement strategies.

Xella Group is a European provider of efficient and sustainable walling solutions for the entire house shell. Committed to innovation and excellence, Xella aims to empower its workforce through continuous development and engagement.

A transparent and inclusive approach to employee engagement

Xella's search for a new solution was driven by the need for a cost-effective, user-friendly platform that could support surveys in many languages without additional charges. Further it was important that the results are easy to interpret.

“Moreover, we were looking for a tool that would ensure transparency for our multinational workforce, enabling direct access to their results,” Isabell explains.

Isabell Gerber

“With Eletive, we have found a multi-lingual employee engagement platform supporting both our office and production colleagues”, says Isabell Gerber, People & Org Development Manager at Xella Group.

A platform to engage blue-collar workers

Another important requirement for Xella was efficient survey tools for the blue-collar workers in the organisation.

“Not all our employees have company phones, computers or company email addresses. But with Eletive’s KIOSK feature and individual codes, the surveys are easily accessible for everyone in our organisation,” Isabell explains.

Eletive’s solutions for survey participation without a work phone number or email addressed the challenge of engaging blue-collar workers, leading to high participation rates in this group.

Empowering managers to work with their teams

Managers at Xella especially appreciate the heatmap, where they can get both quick insights and in-depth survey data analysis to work on feedback and steer engagement.

“The heatmap helps managers at all levels grasp the overall employee sentiment in their team and allows them to delve into specifics. This helps with immediate comprehension, strategic planning, and targeted actions.”

“Another great thing about Eletive is that managers can actively monitor and help boost participation rates. With instant access to these metrics, managers can pinpoint areas of low engagement and motivate their teams effectively, ensuring all voices in the organisation are heard and valued.”

With Eletive, all employees at Xella are also given access to their own survey results through individual dashboards. This direct access means that every team member can engage with the feedback they've provided, fostering a sense of ownership over the collective and personal development journey. Isabell Gerber highlights the impact of this approach.

The Eletive way of working, where everyone is included and has access to their own results, aligns perfectly with our commitment to transparency. It has increased engagement and overall enthusiasm about the surveys.

Making survey results accessible and actionable for both managers and employees has strengthened the feedback loop within Xella, and helped cultivate a culture where continuous improvement is both a collective goal and an individual responsibility.

A smooth onboarding and implementation process

What sets Eletive apart, according to Gerber, is the partnership approach.

"The onboarding team at Eletive helped us move from decision to implementation to survey launch in less than six months," says Gerber, highlighting the efficiency and ease of transition.

“Working with the Customer Success team at Eletive has felt more like working with colleagues than with an external partner. They truly listened to our needs and incorporated our feedback," she adds.

As Xella continues to analyse the initial survey results, the positive feedback has made it clear that the platform has facilitated a more engaged and positive attitude towards surveys, with employees feeling valued and heard.

Key benefits and impact of implementing Eletive at Xella

  • Employee Empowerment: One of the standout features of Eletive for Xella has been the individual dashboards for employees, promoting transparency and making results more accessible.

  • Multilingual Support: With operations in about 20 countries, Xella required a tool that could easily adapt to different languages without additional costs.

  • Enhanced Participation: The introduction of a KIOSK code and solutions for survey participation without a work email addressed the challenge of engaging blue-collar workers, leading to a remarkable participation rate of 69% among this group.

  • Managerial Tools: Managers appreciate Eletive's heatmap feature for its quick insights, as well as the ability to drill down into details or get an overview as needed. The platform also enables managers to monitor participation rates and motivate their teams accordingly.

  • Integration Capabilities: Looking forward, Xella has the possibility to integrate Eletive with their Cornerstone Talent Management System and MS Teams, enhancing the utility of the platform for continuous engagement and development.

"We see Eletive not just as a tool, but as a partner in our ongoing journey to enhance employee engagement and organisational development. "

Isabell Gerber

People & Org Development Manager, Xella Group

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