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Eletive support Rusta on their growth journey

Rusta wanted to move from one big yearly employee engagement survey to a more agile way of measuring culture and well-being.

About Rusta

Rusta is a retail chain initially founded in Sweden in 1986. Today, Rusta is present in seven countries with over 4000 employees. With 170 + stores in four different markets, the Rusta brand keeps expanding and evolving at a rapid pace. 

From yearly employee engagement surveys to a more agile process

Before, Rusta would send out one extensive employee engagement survey every year. The process was time-consuming and involved extensive manual labor. Therefore, Annika Holm Sundström, Head of HR at Rusta, was looking for a modern, agile tool to help measure the organization's engagement, well-being, and culture.  

"We used to send out surveys only once a year. But with Eletive, we can do it as often as we need to, and it's easy and convenient. The biggest advantage is that we can adapt the content of our surveys to what's relevant at the moment and that we get the result immediately instead of two months later."

Annika wanted a solution that can evolve and be adapted to Rusta's changing needs. A tool to help strengthen a culture of collaboration, ownership, and personal development. It was also essential to find a service supplier who could understand Rusta's goals and help support the company in reaching them. 

"We want our business and our employees to develop and grow in parallel. This is why we appreciate Eletive's focus on well-being and engaged teams, as much as the support for self-leadership. We also appreciate the flexibility of the platform and the support from Eletive's Customer Success team, who've been exceptionally accessible and helpful.

Annika Holm Sundström, Head of HR, Rusta

Annika Holm Sundström, Global Head of HR, Rusta.

"We wanted a flexible and future-proof solution" 

For Annika, it was essential to find a tool that's easy to use and adaptable to the company's shifting needs and objectives.

"We chose Eletive because we need a solution that will work in the future and that we can adapt to our vision and our strategies. We continuously drive different projects to improve our operational efficiency. Knowledge-sharing leads to improved collaboration, and improved collaboration leads to new knowledge. This is what fuels our rapid international expansion, and implementing Eletive is part of that. With Eletive, we can track progress and identify trends to make sure we're moving in the right direction."

Eletive is a part of Rusta's work to increase collaboration and cooperation between individuals as well as different parts of the organisation. The platform provides a valuable overview which enables us to identify what has been working well so that we can implement those measures through the whole organisation."

Happy managers and employees leads to improved customer satisfaction 

At Rusta, the culture is one of the company's most important differentiators. Inspired coworkers who thrive at work are key to positive business results. Eletive has contributed to the digitalisation and optimisation of processes, which is appreciated both by managers and HR.  

"Eletive is an intuitive and user-friendly platform; whether you're an employee responding to the survey, a manager creating action plans, or part of the management team looking to follow the results over time. We feel that with Eletive, we've finally found a modern tool for measuring employee engagement." 

Are you interested in exploring how your organization could benefit from real-time employee engagement surveys and a modern People Success Platform? Talk to one of our experts!

"We used to send out surveys only once a year. But with Eletive, we can do it as often as we need to, and it's easy and convenient. We can adapt the content of our surveys to what's relevant at the moment and we get the results immediately."

Annika Holm Sundström

Head of HR, Rusta

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