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Purmo Group boosts employee engagement with Eletive

Purmo Group boosts employee engagement with Eletive

Purmo Group is a prominent global provider of sustainable indoor climate comfort solutions. With 3300 employees across 24 countries, Purmo Group has implemented Eletive to gather employee feedback and make better people decisions.

We sat down with Anna Jarl, Head of HR & Employee Experience, to discuss how Purmo Group is using the Eletive platform to achieve their goals.

Automated hierarchy management saves time and reduces admin for HR

Anna explains that the organisation needed a user-friendly employee engagement platform with robust integrations and automation capabilities. Eletive stood out to them as a solution that could fulfil these requirements. One of the features that particularly caught Anna's attention was the automated hierarchy management. 

Anna Jarl Purmo Group
Anna Jarl

Head of HR & Employee Experience, Purmo Group

Changes happen frequently. People switch teams, new colleagues join, and others leave their roles or go on vacation. Previously, our HR department had to handle each of these changes manually. However, with Eletive, the process is automated, saving us significant time.

Another aspect that Purmo Group appreciates is the flexibility of survey scheduling. 

"While we embrace the idea of conducting weekly surveys, we're gradually working towards that frequency. Eletive allows us to send surveys to different parts of the organisation at different intervals, which aligns perfectly with our progress."

Anna highlights the importance of being able to grant different administrative rights to various individuals within the company. She praises Eletive for its ease of use in delegating administrative tasks to managers and the algorithm's ability to identify hierarchies and relationships within the data automatically. Anna points out that the shift in administrative dynamics has brought about an overall positive change within the organisation. 

"Previously, employee surveys were solely an HR matter, but that's no longer true. Eletive has empowered our managers with the necessary tools to proactively address engagement with their teams, resulting in increased ownership and accountability."

KIOSK and QR codes increase engagement among blue-collar workers 

Eletive's KIOSK feature and QR codes have increased engagement among Purmo Group's blue-collar workers. The KIOSK feature allows employees in various roles to conveniently access surveys and provide feedback, using a unique KIOSK code or employee ID to log in to Eletive.

Blue-Collar Employee Engagement

Employees can use KIOSK codes or their Employee ID to easily access the employee surveys.

“The KIOSK approach is particularly suitable for blue-collar and frontline workers who may not have regular access to computers or smartphones.”

By implementing Eletive’s user-friendly and accessible method to access employee surveys, Purmo Group is ensuring all employees have an equal opportunity to participate and contribute valuable insights, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and engaged workforce.


With Eletive, Purmo Group has strengthened their focus on employee engagement in a number of ways. 

  • Automated hierarchy management has streamlined HR processes, saving valuable time and reducing administrative burdens. 

  • The flexibility of survey scheduling allows the organisation to increase survey frequency based on readiness gradually. 

  • The empowerment of managers through delegated administrative tasks has fostered a new level of engagement and accountability within teams.

  • Eletive's KIOSK feature provides Purmo Group's blue-collar workers with a user-friendly and accessible method for participating in surveys and contributing their insights.

Purmo Group's partnership with Eletive has improved workplace dynamics and propelled them closer to their vision of creating a work environment where people thrive.

"The KIOSK approach is particularly suitable for blue-collar and frontline workers who may not have regular access to computers or smartphones."

Anna Jarl

Head of HR & Employee Experience, Purmo Group

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