Sollentunahem uses Eletive to increase self-leadership

With Eletive we're building a culture of self-leadership, where every employee takes responsibility for their experience.

Karin Aita

HR Manager

From one, big, employee engagement survey per year – to regular pulse surveys in real-time. With Eletive, Sollentunahem have not only modernized their HR processes but also increased employee engagement.

Sollentunahem is a municipal housing company in Sweden. With 75 employees, they build and manage housing in the Swedish municipality Sollentuna. Sollentunahem is using Eletive since 2020.

The Challenge

When Karin joined Sollentunahem as HR Manager, she identified two critical areas that needed attention. One was the company culture; the other was the employer brand. Karin was also eager to modernize and digitize the HR processes to reduce administrative tasks and get a better overview. 

Before, Sollentunahem used to send out one extensive, yearly employee engagement survey. The results would be then be collected and analyzed by HR, who would also be responsible for creating an action plan based on the results. But Karin wanted to find a more modern way of working.

Karin points out that many tools on the market tend to focus on measuring well-being. But that only measuring well-being does not provide the complete picture. 

"It sends the wrong message to only measure well-being, there's no energy in that concept. Then focus is on something that is too passive and reactive. The engagement is what really makes a difference, and that's what we wanted to be able to track and work with on an on-going basis", she says. 


Today, every third-month, Sollentunahem is sending out regular pulse surveys to measure employee engagement. When needed, the quarterly surveys are complemented with smaller mini-pulses. The follow-up then takes place in the teams, where employees and managers plan and take action on the areas where it's needed. 

"Eletive has helped us decentralize the action plans and actions so that the work to improve culture and performance takes place where our employees are. This empowers employeeship and self-leadership", says Karin.

Today, reporting and administration take a lot less time, as many of the tasks have been digitized and automated thanks to Eletive.

"Reporting on the results is super easy. With just a click, we can export beautiful dashboards and heatmaps and turn them into powerpoints. I use the reports in my meetings with the management group, and the managers out in the organization use them with their teams", says Karin. 


Sollentunahem implemented Eletive 2020, and Karin points out that she could immediately discern a clear positive trend.

"Almost every value changed in a positive direction between the first and the second survey. We could see an immediate positive effect", she says. 

Karin also reports a clear difference in the company culture due to employees and managers having access to tools and processes for constructive collaboration around engagement and performance management.

Our employees appreciate having access to their results and strive to improve them.

At Sollentunahem, the Eletive data is used to create a leadership index where fall leaders are measured on three different drivers. That has become an appreciated and valuable tool in the continuous up-skilling of the companies leaders. 

"With Eletive, we can see what areas are working well, and we discover immediately if something is shaky and needs extra attention", says Karin.

Eventually, Sollentunahem is planning to use Eletive for 1:1s and goal-setting as well. This way, Karin wants to gather as much information as possible in the same system and avoid losing important data when managers change jobs. 

"With Eletive, we have a platform that grows with us. It's great to work with a company that is evolving and innovating at such a rapid pace and to be able to bring our ideas and requests to the table as well", she says.