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From insight to action

Employees who don’t believe their employer will take action based on their feedback are 7 times more likely to disengage. Learn more about gathering feedback efficiently and how to take meaningful action with Eletive. Focus less on administration - focus more on taking action when needed.

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What you will take away

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The benefits of taking action based on employee feedback

The importance of managers taking action on survey results together with their teams

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Common pitfalls along the way – and how to avoid them

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The right actions at the right time

Collecting feedback from your employees is an important step towards making positive changes in your organisation. But when it comes to increasing employee engagement, wellbeing, and development, collecting feedback is just the first step. For your organisation to continually improve, the next step is to act on your feedback. In this guide, we will go through, step-by-step how to acknowledge the current situation, give recommendations on how to collaborate when deciding what direction to take, and the importance of continuous check-ins and real-time adjustments.

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