From Insight to Action

Get insights on how to work efficiently with the feedback you receive from your employees, how to create meaningful objectives and keep them agile.

What’s Inside

Collecting feedback from your employees is a big step towards making positive changes in your organization. When it comes to increasing employee engagement, wellbeing, and development, collecting feedback is just one step on the way. For your organization to continue to grow, an important step is to act on the feedback you receive. In this guide, we will go through, step-by-step how to acknowledge the current situation, recommended advice on how to collaborate when deciding what direction to take, and the importance of continuous check-ins and real-time adjustments.

What you will take away

The benefits organizations achieve when taking action based on employee feedbackThe importance of taking action as a priority for the managers together with their teamsThe common pitfalls along the way of taking meaningful actions

Build a better company by unlocking insights into improving engagement and performance of your people