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Aligning HR and Finance

Aligning HR and Finance

The role of the CFO has evolved far beyond mere financial stewardship to encompass a broader strategic vision that leverages every asset within the organisation—including its employees. By integrating Eletive’s engagement data with your existing Business Intelligence (BI) systems, you can unlock a holistic view of your organisation combining financial data with people insights.

Aligning HR and Finance

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Understand Gross Margin Profit vs Employee Engagement

How is Engagement a Leading Indicator of Business Outcomes

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The Financial Impact of Specific Engagement Drivers

Aligning HR and Finance


Eletive enables organisations to track and improve engagement in real time. And this isn’t just about building a better work environment; it’s about tapping into engagement as a source of financial gain. With recent McKinsey research highlighting that disengagement and attrition could cost a median-size S&P 500 company up to $355 million annually, the financial incentive is clear.

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