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Organisational action plans

Clear action plans are important for defining, communicating, and achieving goals.

Create action plans for the whole organisation

With Eletive, action plans can be created at different levels: for the whole organisation, for a selected segment like a team, and on an individual level. 

Connect actions to survey results

Sometimes, you may want to create an organisational action or a list of actions based on the survey results or related to one of the engagement drivers in Eletive. Then you can connect the actions to that specific driver and follow progress the progress, to see if the actions your team is taking are leading to actual improvements.

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Team action plans

With action plans for teams, you give your employees the tools for getting things done, taking action, and building a great workplace – together.

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Individual action plans

Give employees and managers the tools for creating individual action plans and tracking progress.

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Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

Eletive makes it easy to set, track and reach OKRs (Objectives & Key Results), both for individuals, teams and on the organisational level.

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Overview of Eletive application

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