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Attrition Risk

With Attrition Risk, you can anticipate attrition and take preventive actions ​ to reduce employee turnover. Address issues leading to dissatisfaction ​among your employees and take relevant action to increase employee engagement.​

Attrition Risk can predict turnover in your organisation

With Eletive Attrition Risk you can anticipate attrition and take preventive actions ​ to reduce employee turnover.

Eletive Attrition Risk helps managers and HR identify the risk of turnover and work accurately with retention efforts to keep your employees.

Attrition Risk includes the following:

  • Driver – Impact tracking: monitor the impact of actions and initiatives on different engagement drivers.​

  • Driver – Action connection​: create clear action plans and connect them to specific engagement drivers.​

  • Progress visualisation​: monitor and show progress and status of the action plans. ​

What are the benefits of Attrition Risk?

  • Identify potential talent gaps in advance and ​ take proactive measures.​

  • Focus on retention efforts for employees at ​ higher risk of leaving.​

  • Address issues leading to dissatisfaction ​ and increase employee engagement.​

  • Implement targeted strategies to retain top talent.​

  • Anticipate attrition and take preventive actions ​ to reduce employee turnover.

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