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Why Eletive? 






The Insights dashboard shows each user the most important insights for them in the present moment.

Insight gives real-time information about your organisation

This tool helps employees, managers and HR sort and prioritise between issues quickly and easily.

Insights is a user-friendly tool that makes it easy and effortless for everyone in the organisation to focus on and prioritise the right actions.

Basic Insights (Standard package)

  • Alerts

  • Positive insights

  • Improvement insight

Advanced Insights (Professional package)

  • Topics on sensitive questions

  • eNPS insights

  • Predictive analysis

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Attrition Risk

With Eletive Attrition Risk you can anticipate attrition and take preventive actions ​ to reduce employee turnover.

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Real-Time Reports

Stay on top of employee engagement with Eletive's real-time reports feature. Get up-to-date insights into your org. Access reports seconds after completion.

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Segmented reports

Slice and dice your employee engagement data based on segments like team, country, or gender.

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Employee engagement benchmarks

Benchmark your employee engagement levels against: Eletive surveys, a specific industry, or a specific segment within your organisation.

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Heat maps

Get a real-time overview of your organisation with our intuitive heatmaps feature. Discover how to identify areas of improvement and potential opportunities.

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Early warning system & real-time alerts

Get notified of any potentially concerning survey results in real-time. So you can take the necessary steps to address the issue.

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OBM (Organisational Behaviour Management)

Maximise your team's potential & create a workplace where everyone can thrive. Unlock the power of OBM. How it can help you achieve your business goals.

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In-app advice & suggested actions

Science-based in-app advice feature. Helps managers and employees take meaningful action. Learn more.

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Scheduling & notifications

Never miss a meeting again with our scheduling and notifications feature! Get reminders for 1:1s and other events. Personalise notifications to fit your needs.

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