Why Eletive? 




Heat maps

Intuitive heatmaps, based on the employee survey results, help you understand and visualize the state of your organization.

Get a real-time overview

Heatmaps, where you can filter the data based on segments, gives you an real-time overview of your whole organization. The heatmap is a great tool for immediately spotting where the organization needs support and what it needs support with.

Use filters to understand and analyze your data

You can filter the data in your heat map based on segments such as team, department, country or based on segments such as age, gender, and arrival date. Filtering your employee engagement data gives a deeper understanding and clarifies both what works well and where there is potential for improvement.

Export your heatmaps and reports to CSV

The heatmaps are useful as a basis for planning your next actions, and you may want to discuss them with the relevant stakeholders. You can easily export your heatmaps into CSV and open them in Excel.

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Real-time reports

Access reports and results for how your organization is doing in the same second an employee survey is answered.

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Segmented reports

Slice and dice your employee engagement data based on segments like team, country, or gender.

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Benchmark the results from your employee engagement surveys against the +1,6 million surveys in our database.

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Early warning system

Turn on real-time alerts for managers and employees to be notified when survey results indicate that immediate action is required.

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