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Why Eletive? 





Employee engagement benchmarks

To understand your survey results and to set goals, it can be helpful to benchmark against other organisations.

Benchmark your employee engagement levels

Once you start sending out pulse surveys, you may wonder how to understand the results you're getting, and what a good result is. With Eletive, you have the possibility to benchmark your employee survey results against millions of surveys in the Eletive database.

Multiple benchmarks

Allow other users in the platform to change default benchmark. Enable managers to add several extra benchmarks. With multiple benchmarks, you can compare results to both industry and country benchmarks at the same time.

In the Eletive platform, you can choose to benchmark against: 

  • All Eletive users

  • A specific industry

  • A specific segment within the organisation

  • Age

  • Employment time

  • Gender

  • Country

  • Sub-region (for example the Nordics)

  • Region

  • Type of labour (blue/white-collar)

  • Employment type (full time/part time)

  • Manager

Extensive benchmarks

With the advanced benchmark feature, you expand the benchmark features with even more functions that help organisations understand how they compare to others. By using this feature, organisations can gain a deeper understanding of their market position and identify potential areas for improvement.The advanced benchmark feature is designed to provide more insightful and comprehensive results compared to traditional benchmarking methods. It goes beyond basic comparisons by taking into account various factors such as industry trends, company size, geographical location, and specific business goals.


What is employee engagement benchmarking?

Employee engagement benchmarking is the process of comparing your employee survey results against surveys in the Eletive database, in order to understand the results and set goals. This comparison can be done against all Eletive users, a specific industry, or a specific segment within the organisation.

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