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Advice & suggested actions

Support your people with science-based in-app advice and suggested actions.

Help managers and employees take meaningful action

The questions in the Eletive surveys are organized around the 11 most important drivers behind employee engagement. Connected to each question is also custom advice and suggested actions, to help guide and support your employees in different situations. The advice is based on OBM (Organisational Behavior Management theory) and is created to encourage a self-reflective approach. Everyone can access the advice, that is designed to help employees increase their engagement score or maintain it if it's already high. 

Self-reflection is the foundation of self-leadership

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, and every organisation is unique. The advice and recommendations are therefore designed to encourage a constructive and collaborative mindset, encourage self-reflection, and increase communication in the organisation. They guide both leaders and employees towards building a great workplace – together. 

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The Eletive Insights dashboard shows each user the most important engagement and performance insights for them in the present moment.

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OBM (Organisational Behaviour Management)

Use a science-based approach to build a culture of self-leadership and communication.

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Individual action plans

Give employees and managers the tools for creating individual action plans and tracking progress.

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