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OBM (Organisational Behaviour Management)

Encourage self-reflection and inspire your employees with science-based approach.

What is OBM (Organisational Behaviour Management)?

OBM (Organisational Behaviour Management) is a method for impacting and changing behavior in organisational settings. This approach has proven effective through research in improving several organisational areas including employee productivity, feedback delivery, safety, and overall morale of the organisation.

OBM and self-leadership

The advice and recommendations in the Eletive platform are based on OBM, and designed in a way that encourages self-reflection and self-leadership. The advice supports employees and managers in reflecting on their results and in taking action to improve them. The emphasis is on each individual's potential and opportunities to own their employee journey and help co-create a workplace where everyone can thrive.

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The Eletive Insights dashboard shows each user the most important engagement and performance insights for them in the present moment.

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Advice & suggested actions

Empower employees and managers with in-app science-based advice and suggested actions. Encourage self-reflection with an approach based on OBM.

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Individual action plans

Give employees and managers the tools for creating individual action plans and tracking progress.

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