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Early warning system

With real-time alerts, managers and employees are immediately notified if survey results indicate that quick action is required.

Real-time alerts for managers and employees

Sometimes it's important to be proactive and take quick action to prevent issues from turning into more severe problems. Eletive gives you the ability to turn on real-time alerts for managers and employees, to notify them when the employee survey indicates something needs immediate attention. Examples of this can be cases of long-term unhealthy stress, bullying, and harassment. 

Related features

The Eletive Insights dashboard shows each user the most important engagement and performance insights for them in the present moment.

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Real-time reports

Access reports and results for how your organisation is doing in the same second an employee survey is answered.

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Segmented reports

Slice and dice your employee engagement data based on segments like team, country, or gender.

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Benchmark the results from your employee engagement surveys against the millions of surveys in our database.

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Heat maps

With intuitive heatmaps, you get a real-time overview of the engagement levels in your organisation – so you can make data-driven strategic people decisions.

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Scheduling & notifications

Use scheduling and reminders to help managers and employees make sure that no 1:1 meetings are forgotten.

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