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Why Eletive? 





Science-based question battery

The Eletive employee engagement survey questions are based on 11 different areas of employee engagement, that together form the basis for our Employee Engagement Index. These drivers are all closely related to organisational success and healthy company culture. Compiled, the questions in our standard question battery provide you with a deep understanding of your organisation and how your employees feel about their work.

Plug-and-play standard questionnaire

The drivers and questions are based on scientific research and cover the important parts of well-being and engagement. The platform contains a plug-and-play, ready-to-use question battery that enables benchmarking against our entire database of more than 3.000.000 survey results.

Premade addon question packages

In addition to the standard questionnaire, we have several premade questions packages created by organisational psychologists, which can be added to the running pulse survey battery or sent out using the Custom Surveys feature. For example, these packages cover specific themes like onboarding, offboarding, change management, and growth.

Add your own questions and surveys

Do you have specific projects or areas where you want to measure the employee experience and track progress? With Eletive, you can easily add your own questions or surveys to make sure you cover what’s important. This is done with the feature called Custom surveys.

Get expert support from our Customer Success Team

Our Customer Success team can advise on what questions to use, when to use them, and how to plan your surveys. Our organisational psychologists can also support you in creating your own customised questionnaires, tailored to your organisation's specific needs and goals.


What are the 11 drivers of employee engagement?

The 11 drivers of employee engagement are: job satisfaction, work-life balance, trust in management, recognition, career development, meaningful work, team dynamics, autonomy, work environment, communication, and purpose.

What is the Employee Engagement Index?

The Employee Engagement Index is a measure of employee engagement that is based on the 11 drivers of employee engagement. It provides a comprehensive understanding of how employees feel about their work and their workplace.

What is the Custom Surveys feature?

The Custom Surveys feature is a feature of the Eletive platform that allows users to add their own questions or surveys to make sure they cover what’s important.

What kind of support does the Customer Success Team provide?

The Customer Success Team provides expert support on what questions to use, when to use them, and how to plan surveys. They can also provide support in creating customised questionnaires tailored to an organisation's specific needs and goals.

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Real-time Pulse Surveys

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Custom employee surveys

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Targeted employee surveys

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KIOSK functionality enables employees who don't have work phones or work email to easily participate in the employee surveys using a code.

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Anonymous employee chat

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Whistleblowing channel

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Survey Intelligence

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Open-ended questions

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eNPS (Employee Net Promotor Score)

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