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eNPS (Employee Net Promotor Score)

eNPS is short for Employee Net Promotor Score. It's a score used to measure employee engagement and employee satisfaction.

eNPS – how does it work?

The eNPS, or Employee Net Promoter Score, is a widely used metric for employee engagement and employee satisfaction. It is based on one simple question: 

"How likely are you to recommend your employer to a friend?"

Employees answer by choosing a number between 0 to 10 on a scale. The responses are then segmented into the following three categories:

  • Detractors (respondents who gave a score from 0 to 6)

  • Passives (respondents who gave a score between 7 or 8)

  • Promoters (respondents who gave a score from 9 to 10)

You can read more about eNPS in detail here

A globally used metric allows for benchmarking

One benefit of tracking your eNPS score is that it's such a widely adopted metric. This means you can easily compare the results in your organisation to others in your industry, country, or any other category that you want to benchmark against. A standardised metric like the eNPS also means that you can still keep using your historical data if you switch between technology vendors. 

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Global language support

With a multilingual workforce, it’s important to offer employees the option to read and answer the surveys in their own languages.

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Real-time pulse surveys

Measure employee engagement regularly, in real-time. Always stay updated with instant access to your latest survey results.

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Custom surveys

Use customised surveys to ask your employees questions about more specific things.

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Targeted survey questions

With targeted survey questions, it's possible to add specific extra questions to your employee surveys and choose who will receive them.

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KIOSK functionality enables employees who don't have work phones or work email to easily participate in the employee surveys using a code.

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Anonymous chat for employees

Provide your employees with a channel where they can bring up sensitive topics without disclosing their identity.

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Whistleblowing channel

Create a safe channel for addressing misconduct in the workplace. Compliant with the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive.

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Survey intelligence

With advanced survey intelligence, Eletive creates dynamic pulse surveys to make sure your employees always get the right questions at the right time.

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Open-ended questions

Adding open-ended questions to your employee surveys is a great way to get more qualitative insights.

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Science-based question battery

With Eletive, you have access to a standard battery of science-based questions for your employee engagement surveys to ensure you measure the right thing.

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