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Scheduling & notifications

When everyone's busy with the day-to-day work, 1:1s are sometimes forgotten or down-prioritised. Scheduling in advance and sending notifications help managers and employees remember and make time for these important meetings.

Notification center 

Employees, managers, and HR can get notifications and reminders for different things, including one-on-one meetings. 

Other examples of things that can trigger notifications include "Low participation rate in your team," "75% of the time has passed for your Objective", "Bullying and harassment in your group," and much more.  

Users can personalize notifications

The company notification profile sets the basis for selected notifications and channels (email, web app, app, etc.) for everyone in the organization. Each user can then personalise the notifications to best suit their needs. 

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1on1s – meeting templates

Provide managers with standardised one-on-one meeting agenda templates to make sure all managers cover important talking points.

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Shared agenda & notes

Support your managers and teams with shared agendas, shared notes, and agenda templates for one-on-ones and staff meetings.

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Private notes

Help your team make the most of staff meetings. Give your employees access to an area for private notes in relation to their 1:1 meetings.

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The Eletive Insights dashboard shows each user the most important engagement and performance insights for them in the present moment.

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Early warning system

Turn on real-time alerts for managers and employees to be notified when survey results indicate that immediate action is required.

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