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1on1s – meeting templates

Supporting managers with one-on-one templates for staff meetings is a great way to ensure important discussion points are addressed by everyone.

Support your managers with ready-to-use templates

1-on-1 meetings are an important forum for communication and an important part of the employee experience. They're essential for the employees' development, well-being, commitment, and engagement.

To support your managers, and to ensure a common procedure in the whole organisation, it’s a good idea to provide your leaders with a template for the 1:1s. In Eletive, you can provide different templates for different situations, such as weekly one-on-ones, onboarding meetings, and exit interviews.

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Scheduling & notifications

Use scheduling and reminders to help managers and employees make sure that no 1:1 meetings are forgotten.

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Shared agenda & notes

Support your managers and teams with shared agendas, shared notes, and agenda templates for one-on-ones and staff meetings.

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Private notes

Help your team make the most of staff meetings. Give your employees access to an area for private notes in relation to their 1:1 meetings.

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