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Employee EngagementApril 27, 2022

How to improve employee engagement in the workplace

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What are the most important steps you can take to increase employee engagement in the workplace, and improve company culture and job satisfaction? That's what we'll focus on in this article.

Employee engagement in the workplace is a measure of the enthusiasm, commitment, and emotional connection employees have to their organization. Employee engagement is not entirely the same as employee satisfaction, although people often confuse the two. Employee engagement is more centered around motivation and purpose, not just happiness. This means engagement also has more bearing on performance and business results.

When people are engaged in their work, they not only perform better. They're also healthier, happier, and more likely to stay longer in the organization. There's a wide range of benefits of employee engagement, but building an engaged company culture requires a strategic approach.

This article will focus on what it takes to engage employees, improve job satisfaction, and build a workplace where people thrive.

How to improve employee engagement – ideas and initiatives

Let's have a look at some of the ways organizations can create the conditions for high employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Implement pulse surveys to monitor the employee experience in realtime

The best way to learn how your employees feel, and why the way they do, is to ask them. Pulse surveys provide a way to do that regularly, at scale. They give you valuable realtime insights into what is working well in your organization and where there are areas for improvement. Collecting employee feedback will itself give previously disengaged employees a sense of being heard and valued, which is beneficial to engagement. But to reach sustainable high engagement levels, the next step is perhaps the most important one: to turn your insights into action.

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Turn insights into action

After gathering employee feedback, the next step is to take action on those insights. Employees who don't believe any action will be taken based on their feedback are much more likely to disengage. Making sure the feedback leads to tangible change is essential to increasing overall engagement.

Eletive gives HR, managers, and employees the tools for an efficient and collaborative action-planning process. In the platform, managers and employees can work together to follow up on the survey results – and track the impact of the actions taken.

Read more about Eletive's feature Action plans >>

Provide leaders and managers with the tools they need to increase engagement

Communication and collaboration are important drivers of employee engagement. Managers who share the survey results with their teams so that they can come up with plans together will often see the most progress. When the whole team is involved in improving engagement and performance together, it creates a stronger sense of ownership that benefits progress.

With Eletive, managers can not only access their team's engagement data in realtime. They can also export the results into beautiful Powerpoint presentations with just a click. This makes it easy to share the insights and work on action-planning with their teams.

Set processes for performance management

Communication and recognition are key ingredients in healthy company culture. Encourage your managers and employees to have regular one-to-one meetings to discuss goals and professional development. Creating 1:1 templates is one way to support managers and employees in their collaboration.

In the Eletive platform, managers and team members have a shared agenda and can create action plans together. Notes, comments, and action plans are saved on the platform, making tracking development and goal fulfillment a lot easier. The Eletive platform also generates science-based advice and suggested actions for different scenarios. The advice and suggested action can then be turned into to-dos and checklists with just a click.

How to improve employee engagement survey results

The number one key to improving employee survey results is increasing employee engagement. But this is a long-term process, and change doesn't happen overnight. Another aspect of improving the survey results is increasing participation in the surveys.

We've written extensively about ways to do that in our article How to increase employee engagement survey participation 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is employee engagement important?

The benefits of employee engagement are numerous and include improved productivity, increased employee retention, and reduced sick leave and absenteeism. We've written more about the advantages of an engaged workforce in the article 5 benefits of employee engagement.

How can Human Resources (HR) and People teams improve employee engagement?

At Eletive, we believe the best thing HR can do to improve employee engagement is to provide the organization with the tools to increase engagement together. The Eletive platform is built to empower not only HR, but managers and employees, to drive the change they wish to see in the organization. This way, everyone is included in building a better workplace – together.

How can leaders and managers improve employee engagement?

Leaders and managers are key in building an engaged work culture. They need to lead by example, and create a psychologically safe and supportive environment for their teams. One of the most important things as a leader is to be able to communicate with and listen to your team. 

With Eletive, managers get the tools to gather feedback and gain valuable realtime insights about how their team members experience their work. This paved the way for important conversations. Regular staff meetings and 1:1s are also an essential tool in the manager toolbox, and Eletive supports regular 1:1s with scheduling, templates, and space for documentation.

What are the drivers behind employee engagement?

Employee engagement is an umbrella term that contains many different aspects of the employee experience. The standard question battery that form the basis for the Eletive surveys and for the Eletive Engagement Index covers 11 different drivers behind employee engagement.

Read more about the different drivers of employee engagement in our article: The best employee engagement survey questions – what to ask and why

What are best practices for implementing employee engagement surveys?

In our article Best practices for employee engagement surveys we write about employee engagement survey best practices, as well as some of the most common pitfalls to avoud. We'll also highlight the different ways that Eletive supports employee survey best practices.

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