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Shared agenda & notes

Support your managers and teams with shared agendas, shared notes, and agenda templates.

Planning is the key to optimising staff meetings

In Eletive, managers and team members have access to a shared agenda, where they can both add items and make notes about past and coming one-on-ones. This empowers managers and team members to plan efficiently and make the most of these valuable meetings.

Improved structure and documentation

With a centralised place to store documentation from one-on-ones, no documentation is lost if, for example, a manager changes position or leaves. With Eletive, everything related to one-on-ones can be planned, documented, stored, and followed up within the same tool.

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Scheduling & notifications

Use scheduling and reminders to help managers and employees make sure that no 1:1 meetings are forgotten.

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1on1s – meeting templates

Provide managers with standardised one-on-one meeting agenda templates to make sure all managers cover important talking points.

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Private notes

Help your team make the most of staff meetings. Give your employees access to an area for private notes in relation to their 1:1 meetings.

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