A guide to global employee engagement surveys in multiple languages

April 20, 2021

Conducting global employee engagement surveys in multiple languages requires the right tools. Let's have a look at how Eletive can help.

Asking your employees about their engagement and employee experience can feel daunting even if your organization is small.

But what if your employees live in different countries and speak different languages? Then you need a tool made for global employee engagement surveys.

Table of contents

  1. Benefits of global employee engagement surveys

  2. Pulse surveys in multiple languages

  3. KIOSK functionality

  4. How Eletive can help

Benefits of global employee engagement surveys

Measuring employee engagement is an important first step in working proactively with employee engagement and employee experience. And the more internationally distributed your workforce is, the more you rely on employee surveys to collect feedback. How else are you going to get an overview of your organization's temperature and level of engagement?

If you don't take a systematic approach to measuring employee engagement, you will only have the "hunches" and "gut feeling" of different stakeholders to rely on. Not a very solid foundation for strategic business decisions, in other words!

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Benefits of global employee engagement surveys include:

  • You get the complete picture. With smart surveys and user-friendly dashboards showing intuitive heatmaps of your whole organization, you know exactly what is going on – and where you need to focus your attention. 

  • You can leverage benchmark and monitor progress. Using a platform like Eletive, you have access to industry benchmarks. You can compare different segments in your organizations, based on any HR data, to understand what parts are working and where there is room for improvement.

  • You can make data-driven decisions. Global employee engagement surveys take all guesswork out of the equation. By turning data collected into valuable insights, you can use it to inform your business strategies and action plans. 

Pulse surveys in multiple languages

With Eletive, employees can easily choose in what language they prefer to answer the survey.

If your organization operates in many countries, you need to provide all employees a way to answer the employee engagement surveys in their own language. The Eletive platform supports more than 30 different languages.

KIOSK functionality

In some countries and some industries, it's less common for all employees to have access to a company phone, computer, and company email. Therefore, Eletive offers a functionality called Eletive KIOSK, commonly used for employees working in warehouses or production.

When using KIOSK mode, neither phone number nor email is needed. Instead, each employee receives a unique code that they can use to answer the survey on the device of your selection. That device can, for example, be a shared tablet or computer that everyone can access. Employees simply enter their code and answer the survey.

How Eletive can help you measure and drive global employee engagement

Eletive is a modern People Success Platform. We provide all the features you need to build a workplace where people thrive and perform at their best.


Our adaptive machine-learning algorithm creates smart surveys for maximum impact. Questions and advice are developed by psychologists and based on the latest research. 


By bringing survery responses, 1-on-1 meetings, OKR planning, and SMART goals into one unified platform, we make it easy for you to align around common processes and goals.


Our unique emphasis on self-leadership changes the organizational dynamic and empowers everyone to help build a great company culture – together.

Interested in how your organization could use a modern tool for employee engagement surveys? Get in touch!