Why Eletive? 





Easy import of master data

We think importing and managing your employee data should be as simple as possible.

Import your master data with "drag & drop" feature

Importing your master data is an important step in implementing the Eletive platform. The most common way to import employee master data to Eletive is through the Excel import. Through the drag and drop interface, you can easily upload and edit the user data in Eletive.

Related features
Two-factor authentication & SSO (Single sign-on)

Provide an extra layer of security with two-factor authentication. Eletive supports two-factor authentication via Google authenticator.

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Slack and Microsoft Teams Integration

Integrate Eletive with Slack and Microsoft Teams so that all employees have access to surveys, goals and notifications in a seamless way.

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Data export

Export your employee engagement survey results to PowerPoint, Excel or Pdf with just a click. Visualise your data in presentations, to share with your team.

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Overview of Eletive application

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