The Eletive way

To build an even more successful organization where everyone can thrive, we believe that the whole organization should come together as one, where everyone matters. The Eletive way empowers every employee in your organization to drive self-leadership, enables your managers to develop as great leaders, and your HR team to work towards meaningful actions based on real-time feedback.

The Eletive way of working

Where psychology meets data science

Designed by psychologists and data scientists, the Eletive platform helps you to create an even stronger culture of feedback and action by asking your employees science-based engagement questions and providing managers and employees with actionable advice. Our people science experts work directly with our product team to regularly update and upgrade the concept of the Platform to share their expertise with all Eletive users.


Managers are the key

Managers are key persons to improve your people's success and engagement. In fact, 70% of the variance in employee engagement is due to the manager. Managers therefore have access to holistic dashboards updated in real-time with clear insights on their teams' engagement and wellbeing. The platform provides substantial and actionable advice for managers on how to increase team effectiveness, which leads to more productive teams' and happier employees. The real-time insights help managers to act on the most important issues at the right time.


Empowering employee self-leadership

The Eletive platform not only measures but also drives wellbeing and engagement throughout your organization. Every individual gets their voice heard and can with ease view and track their engagement and wellbeing progress at any time. The platform provides every employee with advice on meaningful actions to elevate their work situation. This unique and inclusive approach takes the pressure off your managers and creates a culture that empowers self-leadership in every part of your organization. Employees and managers driven by self-leadership can make productive decisions on their own and are able to influence themselves to work effectively.


Simplicity and usability

Focus on the important things and less on administration. The simple and intuitive User Interface delivers modern dashboards giving clear insight on your strengths and priorities. Import the users through mass import with Excel or integrate your HR-tool with our platform for a quick and easy process. Eletive provides your managers and HR team with access to high-quality manuals to perform their work in the best possible way with the support of the platform.


Measuring is only the first step

The Eletive platform delivers recommended actions for both teams and individuals, leading to an action-taking culture based on real-time feedback. Meaningful actions must be taken to keep the organization thriving. Research shows that inclusion generates meaningfulness, which is the most important factor to create engaged and motivated employees. The new way of working with actions focuses less on administration and more on taking action. With Eletive’s real-time data and flexible platform, everyone can easily see how each person contributes to the collective goal - every day.


Creating a culture of feedback and performance

For managers to strengthen their relationship with their team members, regular conversations are a success factor. Through regular conversations, managers learn to actively listen to their team members, providing guidance and feedback along the way. By becoming better coaches, managers can support employee performance and improve overall team success. By keeping the 1on1 agendas documented in the platform, managers and employees can go back in time, see old conversations and actions, and easily track the development over time.


Build a better company by unlocking insights into improving engagement and performance of your people