Our story

The Eletive way of working

Support organizations all over the globe to evolve into their best with focus on their biggest asset - their people. We passionately believe in feedback as the foundation for a healthy culture where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential.

Our story

It all started back in 2014 when psychologists with a solid background in organizational psychology sat down together with engineers and data scientists to take on a challenge to increase engagement and wellbeing. The idea was to find a better way of conducting employee feedback and people data, in a more modern and digital way. A platform that, not only measures but also drives wellbeing and engagement. Something that enables the best people decisions in real-time, while being easy to use. A tool that involves the whole organization and not only puts the responsibility on managers and HR. At the same time, it should be evidence-based and built on scientific research. The result is Eletive.

Our approach

Eletive has been increasing employee engagement, developing great leaders, and freeing time for HR to coach managers and teams since its launch in late 2014. All actions taken should be based on up to date and real-time insights. It has been important for us since the start, to empower every employee with self-leadership. Everyone should be included in the work making a healthy and thriving company culture. This approach has made the platform unique of its kind.

Local support, global presence

Eletive was founded in late 2014 with its headquarter in Malmö, Sweden. Today we serve numerous organizations within all kinds of industries in more than 15 countries. We have close cooperation with partners who are experts in HR and psychology, leading to a platform that is constantly updated with the latest knowledge and research. Everything we do is about creating strong individuals, teams, and organizations all over the globe.

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