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Embracing change: The digital shift in employee engagement surveys

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In the fast-paced landscape of modern business, staying ahead of the curve often requires leaving outdated practices behind and embracing innovative solutions.

One notable shift that's gaining momentum in HR across various industries is the transition from traditional yearly employee surveys and consultant-driven approaches to digital SaaS-based employee surveys supported by experienced and hands-on Customer Success Teams.

This transformation is not just about adopting new technology; it represents a fundamental rethinking of how organisations measure and enhance employee engagement.

The digitalisation of HR and employee surveys

Yearly employee surveys and consultant-heavy solutions have long been the go-to method for gauging employee satisfaction and organisational health. However, this approach has its limitations. Luckily, modern technology offers solutions.

An increasing number of organisations find that waiting months for consultants to analyse data and present results is no longer viable. In today's dynamic world of work, HR teams need to be agile and proactive. This need for real-time insights has sparked a revolution in how employee engagement surveys are conducted.

SaaS is the future of employee surveys

SaaS stands for Software as a Service; a subscription-based service model where organisations subscribe to the software they need, and get expert support from the Customer Success team.

SaaS companies have transformed all aspects of business, and as HR teams are increasingly digitalising their operations, SaaS is the modern and natural way forward. Recent statistics show clearly that a quickly growing number of companies are embracing modern Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to drive their employee engagement initiatives. This shift is fueled by a compelling combination of cost-effectiveness, simplicity, and real-time data analysis.

The global market share for employee engagement and feedback software is growing rapidly, and forecasts project a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) exceeding 11.40%, poised to elevate the market's worth beyond USD 1774.38 million by the year 2028. And already in 2018, Gartner announced "The end of annual employee surveys", as illustrated in the graphic below.

Gartner statistics employee engagement surveys

Source: Gartner

Agile surveys and experienced customer success teams

The old way of working with employee engagement relied heavily on costly consultants and yearly surveys. But SaaS offers a more efficient and agile approach. Instead of relying on consultants or internal experts, companies are now tapping into the expertise that specialised SaaS providers offer.

In this evolving landscape, the role of a Customer Success Manager (CSM) becomes pivotal. At Eletive, we're at the very forefront of this transformation. Our Customer Success team supports our customers throughout their journey to improve employee engagement.

Christel Heggland-Roberts

HR Manager

"The start-up process has been very seamless with great help from the Eletive customer support team. The tool is easy to understand and navigate. "

Eletive is an Employee Engagement Platform with a strong focus on customer success. Let's have a closer look at the benefits of teaming up with a SaaS-based employee engagement platform like Eletive, compared to the traditional approach with yearly surveys and consultants.

Benefits of SaaS-based surveys supported by Customer Success

Using a SaaS platform like Eletive for measuring engagement offers a more future-proof approach compared to traditional yearly surveys for several compelling reasons:

1. Access to best practices and industry-specific insights

As an Eletive customer, you get expert help to build a world-class employee engagement and performance management program. Eletive's CSMs empower employees, managers, and executives with the knowledge of how to effectively collaborate and take action based on the survey results. Our CSM team is trained to help companies promote a culture of accountability and self-leadership, where managers take charge of results and foster ongoing discussions with their teams.

2. Real-time results and advanced analytics

The agile approach with frequent surveys allows managers, teams and HR to be proactive and take immediate action when needed. Regular pulse surveys ensure that insights are always up-to-date and relevant. Eletive's CSMs guide can guide you on the optimal frequency of measurements for your organisation and help establish a rhythm of continuous improvement.

3. User-friendly surveys

The Eletive platform is designed to be easy to use and manage. This helps HR teams and managers create surveys, understand the results, and make improvements without needing lots of training or technical skills. The simplicity of answering the surveys also makes more people want to take part in them, increasing survey participation and making the whole process smoother and more efficient.

4. Technical support and seamless setup

Transitioning to a digital engagement survey model may seem daunting, but Eletive's CSMs provide all the technical assistance needed for a seamless setup. This ensures your organisation can smoothly adapt to the new system without disruptions. Our CSMs can answer both your technical and business-related questions, and help you craft and implement a successful employee engagement strategy.

5. Empowering your managers

Training is a cornerstone of Eletive's approach. Our CSM team offers comprehensive training sessions on how to get the most from Eletive. Our goal is to equip your managers with the skills and confidence they need to navigate and leverage the engagement data autonomously.

6. Reduced costs and a predictable investment

The old way of working with external consultants and large yearly surveys was often very costly. Not only is it expensive to hire consultants to do the work that can be done by modern software, but the costs are also less predictable. One of the benefits of SaaS solutions is that the cost is lower, fixed and predictable.

7. A future-proof solution

Opting for a SaaS solution aligns with the broader trend of digital transformation in business operations. Embracing technology for engagement measurement reflects a forward-thinking approach to HR management. Eletive integrates with other HR and business systems, enabling deeper analysis and correlations between engagement data and other key metrics. This holistic view enhances strategic decision-making.

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Where psychology meets technology

Beyond the technical aspects, Eletive's platform is built on the latest science. Leveraging the principles of Organisational Behavior Management (OBM), the Eletive platform offers each individual actionable tips and suggestions to help everyone contribute to a culture of engagement.

The future of employee feedback

In conclusion, the landscape of employee engagement is undergoing a transformative shift from traditional approaches to agile, data-driven solutions. As companies recognise the limitations of outdated methods, the adoption of modern SaaS solutions supported by Customer Success is becoming the new standard.

Eletive's Customer Success Managers help organisations navigate this transformation, harnessing the power of real-time data, collaborative engagement, and independent management – to create a workplace where people thrive.

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