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Register today: People Success & the Future of Work

People Success & the Future of Work

Mark your calendar for the 2024 summit "People Success & The Future of Work". This digital full-day event presents a rare opportunity to interact with some of the most prominent thinkers and innovators in the HR industry today.

Keynote Speaker: Silvia Garcia, former Head of the Happiness Institute at Coca-Cola, who will share her expertise on how workplace happiness can give your organisation a competitive advantage.

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Some of the speakers and sessions:

  • Silvia Garcia, Former Director of the Happiness Institute at The Coca-Cola Company:

     "How Happiness at Work Can Give Your Organisation a Competitive Edge."

  • John Faulkner-Willcocks, Co-founder, "The Importance of Transparency in Employer Branding."

  • Nils Wilhelmsson, COO & Co-founder, Eletive: "AI and Its Impact on HR Analytics & Operations."

  • Aaron Kroon, Founder, Black Batman: "How Diversity and Belonging at Work Leads to Excellence."

  • Carolina Bardon Hagstedt, Director of People, "ESG, Engagement & Climate Quitting – What is HR's Role?"

  • Riina Hellström, Founder, the Agile HR Community: "What is Agile HR - And Will It Work in Your Organisation?"

  • Rebecka Tedenvall & Cim Bratt Kull, People & Culture Operations Leader, IKEA: "Culture and Belonging in Global Organisations."

  • Marcus Wennmo, CEO & Co-founder, Eletive: "The Top Challenges for HR & People Leaders in 2024."

  • Chris Pettersson, Mental Health Speaker & Coach: "The Cost of Sick Leave Due to Stress-related Illness at Work."

  • Hanna Lindén, Chief People Officer, Signal AI: "How Macro Challenges Impact Employee Engagement."

  • Linus Wiebe, Former Director of Innovation, Lund University & Chairman of the Board, Eletive: "How to Build an Innovative Work Culture."

  • Johanna Lindwert Lannér, Head of People Experience, Eletive: "Engagement at the Core of HR Operations & How We Do It at Eletive."

  • Johanna Sylvander, GTM leader, Remote: “How to create engagement in remote teams.”

This day is filled with lectures, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities that give participants the chance to share experiences, learn from each other, and make interesting connections within the HR world.

Why participate?

This event is not only an opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge from leading experts in HR and workplace culture, but also a chance to network with colleagues and industry leaders from around the world, all from the convenience of your own home or office.

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Don't miss the chance to take part in this spring's most exciting digital HR event. Register now to secure your spot. Remember, it's completely free! We look forward to seeing you at "People Success & The Future of Work" and exploring the future of the workplace together.

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