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Employee engagement: The key to building a recession-proof business

As the world is grappling with the economic challenges of a global recession, it's become clear that employee engagement is not a nice-to-have. it's a critical component of organisational success.

When budgets are tight and the future uncertain, it can be tempting to put engagement initiatives on the back burner. But the truth is, investing in employee engagement during economic downturns and recessions is not only essential to survive; it helps you build resilience and a much-needed competitive edge. In this article, we'll take a deep dive into the importance of employee engagement during tough times, and look closer at how prioritising your people can help your organisation go from surviving – to thriving.

Investing in your people is business-critical

The benefits of an engaged workforce are numerous. And in a challenging economic climate, accessing these benefits can be what makes or breaks a business. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of maintaining high engagement in times of conomic turbulence.

  • Improved employee retention: When the economy is shaky, employees are generally more likely to look for job opportunities. By investing in employee engagement, you can improve your people’s job satisfaction and commitment. This reduces turnover and allows you to retain your top talent.

  • Higher productivity: It goes without saying that engaged employees are more productive than disengaged employees. When employees feel valued and motivated, they’re more likely to put in their best effort and contribute to your organisation's success.

  • Improved customer service: Engaged employees are more likely to walk the extra mile to provide your customers with excellent service, which is even more crucial during difficult economic times. A positive customer experience can set you apart from competitors and helps you retain your existing customers and attract new ones.

  • Increased innovation rates: Engaged employees are more likely to be innovative and creative, which is essential in challenging times. Out-of-the-box thinking can help your organisation adapt to changing market conditions and unlock new growth opportunities.

  • A positive company culture: High employee engagement helps you build a positive and resilient culture by fostering a sense of community, trust, and shared purpose. This, in turn, leads to increased collaboration, communication, and a willingness to work together to overcome challenges.

  • A stronger employer brand: With engaged employees, your company becomes a more attractive place to work. A high eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) makes it easier to recruit the talent you need.

    Employee engagement

The right employee engagement tools cut costs and increase profitability 

During times of recession, organisations are faced with the challenge of maintaining employee morale and engagement while also cutting costs. Investing in the right employee engagement platform is critical to achieving this balance, as it helps you identify areas of concern and take targeted action to reach and maintain a high level of employee engagement.

  • Quick and easy data collection: With Eletive, you can collect data quickly and easily from employees across the company, saving time compared to traditional survey methods. You can also the process of sending out reminders, follow-up questions, and analysing results, thus minimising manual admin.

  • Actionable insights: Eletive provides you with real-time insights into employee engagement levels, enabling your managers to identify problem areas and take action before they become bigger issues. This can help you save money by preventing turnover, absenteeism, and low productivity.

  • Targeted interventions: With early warnings and heatmaps, Eletive helps you spot issues early and prioritise interventions where it is most needed. Eletive helps you understand where action is most urgent, as well as track and prove the impact of your initiatives. 

  • Reduced administrative costs: By automating the process of collecting, analysing, and reporting on employee engagement data, an Eletive reduces the administrative costs associated with more traditional survey methods. Freeing up HR personnel to focus on other important tasks, Eletive allows you to focus on the work that really makes a difference.

  • Long-term cost savings: By regularly measuring and tracking employee engagement over time, you can identify trends and make proactive changes to improve the employee experience – throughout the whole employee journey. This leads to long-term cost savings by increasing employee retention, reducing absenteeism, and reducing all the costs of recruitment and training.

Building a resilient workforce for long-term success

In short, investing in employee engagement can make all the difference in your  organisation's success. As the economic downturn challenges all companies, the resilience and adaptability of your workforce can be the key to not only weathering the storm but emerging stronger than ever before.

By building a culture of engagement and self-leadership, you can cultivate a team of committed, productive, and innovative employees who are dedicated to your organisation's success. The benefits of this are numerous, including improved retention rates, higher productivity, better customer service, and more opportunities for growth and development. 

So, in conclusion: it’s a mistake to view employee engagement as a luxury that can be cut during tough times. Rather, it’s an investment in the long-term success of your organisation. By prioritising employee engagement, you can build a team of resilient and dedicated employees who can weather any storm and come out on top.

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