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Eletive Academy: Get certified in Eletive

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Learn how to benefit from all that Eletive has to offer. With Eletive Academy, you get access to videos that walk you through every part of the platform to help you begin and accelerate your People Success journey.

Eletive Academy makes it quick and easy for administrators and managers to learn how to maneuver and get the most from the Eletive platform. In this blogpost we will go through the foundation of Eletive Academy. 

What is Eletive Academy?    

Eletive Academy is a complete on-demand library of educational videos with tailored lesson plans for administrators and managers. It provides easy access to in-depth education about the different parts of the Eletive, to make sure everyone understands and can benefit from the platform.  

The videos help you increase efficiency, enhance learning outcomes, and offer greater flexibility in delivering and managing learning within your organisation.   

Eletive Academy – a flexible learning platform  

Eletive Academy is a part of the Eletive platform to which only administrators and managers have access. Eletive Academy is constantly updated as the Eletive platform grows, and new content is continuously added.  

Eletive Academy can be accessed anytime and from anywhere (as long as there is an internet connection). This allows users to learn at their own pace and on their schedule. As an administrator, you will have access the training for administrators and the training for managers. As a manager, you will only access the training for managers. 

Training for administrators  

To get the best return on your investment in Eletive, it’s essential that administrators learn how to use the platform to its full extent. Eletive Academy makes the learning process fun. Quick, and easy. Detailed videos guide administrators through every step of setting up and using Eletive and ensures that the platform quickly becomes an integral part of their work.   

In the training track for administrators, the admins in your organisation will learn:   

  • Get an introduction to Eletive 

  • How to set up your organisation in Eletive  

  • How to use different settings 

  • How to structure your data in Eletive 

  • How to use different features 

  • And much more 

Training for managers  

In Eletive Academy, you will find a specific training track for managers to educate the leaders in your organisation on how to best leverage the Eletive platform in their daily work.  

In the training track for managers, the leaders in your organisation will learn:  

  • Get an introduction to Eletive 

  • How to understand the different reports 

  • How to use the Heatmap feature in Eletive 

  • How to interpret and understand the results from the employee surveys  

  • How to take meaningful action on the employee survey results 

  • And much more 

Eletive Academy Certification  

After completing the courses, leaders, and administrators receive certifications as a reward for their newly gained competence. An Eletive Academy certification demonstrates their knowledge and expertise in the area of employee engagement and enhancing career prospects and opportunities for advancement. The requirement for receiving certification is that the user has watched all the videos included in the relevant track.   

Getting started with Eletive Academy    

Your Customer Success Manager will support you in using Eletive Academy within your organisation in the best way possible. With Eletive Academy, you will learn how to take advantage of everything Eletive offers. This includes, but is not limited to:  

  • How to configure surveys and set up schedules 

  • How to understand the employee survey results   

  • How to implement different features 

  • How to interpret data from different departments   

  • And much more!  

 Eletive Academy and its benefits 

Eletive Academy is a part of the Eletive platform and offers many benefits, not least can it help to increase employee engagement rapidly. The benefits of getting up to speed with employee engagement are greater productivity, less employee turnover and greater employee and customer satisfaction according to research.   

  1. Easy access to education: Eletive Academy provides users with access to educational content and resources from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This allows them to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule without dependency from others.        

  2. Increased efficiency: Eletive Academy can streamline the process of delivering and managing online and blended learnings related to employee engagement. This can lead to cost savings for both learners and educators.        

  3. Enhanced learning outcomes: Eletive Academy can provide users with interactive and engaging learning experiences, which can help improve retention and understanding of the material. It can also provide tools for tracking and assessing learning progress, helping educators identify areas where users may need additional support.        

  4. Greater flexibility: Eletive Academy can support a variety of learning formats. Including self-paced online courses, video-education, and in-person training sessions, allowing a range of learning options to meet the needs of the user.   

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Involving the whole organisation in building a better workplace   

The Eletive platform is unique in how it involves the whole organisation in increasing employee engagement. By providing employees with the tools to take active ownership of their employee experience and by giving managers the tools to drive engagement in their teams, the Eletive platform frees up a lot of time for HR. Eletive invites everyone to help co-create a winning company culture, and in Eletive Academy, managers, and administrators learn how to do this in the best possible way.   

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