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The data-driven insights we receive in Eletive helps us to keep track of the engagement of our employees in real-time, leading to higher productivity and retention. At the same time, we get a wide picture of the company culture.

Cecilia Tibatt

HR Manager, Danir

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Talent Management, recruiting and retaining talent

Recruiting and retaining the right employees is a key issue for many organizations. The solution to this task can be summarized by concepts such as employer branding and talent management. The core of employer branding is the creation of a strong, sound and attractive image of the organization as a workplace. This image consists of the current and former employees’ perception of the organization. The main focus when it comes to talent management consists of identifying, developing and retaining individuals with great potential. Good talent management leads to higher levels of engagement. When working with talent management it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do the employees continuously discuss professional development with managers, HR or someone else with similar responsibilities?
  • Do the employees have the opportunity for the required learning and development?
  • Do the employees have the opportunity to do what they do best?
  • Are the current work assignments stimulating and challenging enough for the employees to thrive and succeed?
By using Eletive’s tool you get a continuously updated image of the status of talent management within your organization. Frequent and regular measurement of important areas, in combination with the involvement of each employee, talent management becomes an intuitive and natural part of the everyday work. Developing a competence- and action plan based on the survey results can be a valuable part of the work with talent management. Through insights from Eletive’s tool, actions can be tailored and directed to where they are really needed. Examples of productive actions that can be implemented are leadership training, inspirational lectures, seminars, competence transfer, mentoring programs, trainee programs, career coaching and team building.