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Personnel feedback ensures continuous development of employee engagement, manager development, and organizational growth

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Eletive provides our leaders with clear and actionable insights in real-time. The insights enable our managers to work more efficiently with their teams. Our goal is to generate strong collaborating teams throughout the organization with a focus on engaged and thriving employees.

Elisabeth Åberg

HR Director, MalmbergGruppen

How Eletive can help your organization

Creating success

Employees who feel they are valued and respected are more productive and eager to engage in the workplace. In fact, engaged employees demonstrate up to 21 % higher productivity. Continuous feedback helps you to truly understand the employee experience on every level which helps you to take action where it is needed, based on real-time data. Employees without work email nor easy access to a computer can access Eletive via phone or kiosk, where the tool is translated into over 30 languages - ensuring every person in your company gets the ability to make their voice heard! The Eletive platform provides everyone with powerful insights, leading to open communication between management and staff, generating stronger teams.

Empower your employees

Eletive gives you access to untapped knowledge that is priceless in the constant work towards creating a strong company culture and driving results. By asking the right questions at the right time, we provide your company with the most important insights in real-time. The holistic view delivers straight forward data, leaving you without any questions. All employees and leaders get access to their results. The dashboard is filled with concrete advice on how both teams and individuals can improve their situation. This inclusive approach takes the pressure of your managers and empowers your employees to own their results and personal development.

Data-driven and actionable insights

Advanced segmentation helps you to categorize and analyze the data according to your needs. Categorize by unit, location, or other demographics such as time of employment and get new insights by seeing the data in new ways. Drill down into any dimension to identify your strengths and areas for improvement across your organization. The new insights ensure that you take meaningful action where it is needed at the right time.

Build a better company by unlocking insights into improving engagement and performance of your people