Create a culture of high-performing people

Develop your people with continuous feedback and agile goal tracking.

Employee Performance with Eletive

The Eletive platform allows you to tap into what truly motivates your people, leading to sustainable performance improvements and engaged employees. Create meaningful conversations and drive a positive performance culture in your organization that encompasses all aspects of your people' performance and development.

What our clients think about us!

Our employees are always our main focus and by using Eletive, we can track our employees' engagement in real-time. The information that everyone gets from the platform serves as an excellent base for meaningful and continuous conversations between our managers and employees. In addition, we use Eletive to set and follow up actions for both employees and teams.

Maria Sigfridson

HR-Manager/Partner, RO-Gruppen

Employee Performance features

Set and manage agile goals

Empower the organization to own their own development by creating and managing their group and personal goals. Set and track goal progress, align them with departmental or organizational objectives and evaluate what is working and what is not. Embrace the simple adjustments, update the progress, and make changes in real-time if needed. Less focus on administration, more focus on taking action.

Align your organization from bottom to top

Track and collaborate on goals at all levels to create alignment, accountability, and transparency across your organization. With the support of the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) goal-setting process, you can create individual, department, and company-wide objectives. Align the objectives to one another to generate a holistic view that highlights ownerships and the dependencies on the path to success.

Embrace continuous feedback

Empower your managers and employees to meet continuously and discuss progress on goals, engagement, and professional development. Managers and employees collaborate on a shared agenda where they can take notes, add talking points, and add to do's with ease to track discussions and decisions. Have access to every meeting agenda in the platform to track the development and improvement over time.

Invest in your people