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The world is changing rapidly. Well-grounded personnel decisions ensure continuous development in everything from growth to customer satisfaction.

Get ahead with a modern employee survey

“A new and effective way to drive engagement and well-being, which gives all employees in the organization a clear and easily interpreted picture of what we need to focus on

HR Manager – Organization in the public sector

Create growth with real-time insights

Why wait to find out how your organization is performing? With Eletive’s dashboard, you can focus the initiatives where they give the greatest effect and follow the success in real time. Well-being and engaged employees are productive and create growth.

Real-time employee engagement survey also on phones
Employee engagement survey together

Give employees responsibility and achieve results together

Taking responsibility for wellbeing and engagement is not solely an HR task, but rather something that should permeate the entire organization. With Eletive, all employees and leaders get access to their own individual results. The dashboard is filled with concrete tips on how both teams and individuals can improve their situation.

Retain your top talents and reduce sick leave

Working with Eletive puts the employees’ wellbeing and engagement in focus. This results in reduced staff turnover and proud employees who are more willing to recommend you as an employer. It also leads to reduced sick leave due to stress.

Reduce staff turnover

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