Easy to use, powerful results

Designed for simple use and minimal administration while driving powerful results in real time.

Employee engagement survey result
Employee engagement survey trends

Clear real-time insights

View the data in real time instead of making decisions based on outdated information. In our dashboard, everyone gets a clear overview of what they need to focus on. It’s also easy to view trend changes and see the results of efforts and initiatives that’s been made.

Flexible frequency with intelligent and automatic distribution

Select the frequency that suits you and let the platform do the rest. Measurements can be made weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and everything in between. You can also change the frequency whenever you wish. The measurements are carried out both automatically and intelligently by our algorithms to ensure the best result for you and quick implementation for your employees.

Playful employee engagement survey
Involving employee engagement survey

Everyone gets the opportunity for insight

Responsibility for wellbeing and engagement cannot only be enforced on HR and managers. The greatest result is achieved by involving everyone. Therefore all employees get access to their results and concrete tips on what to do to improve themselves and the organization.

Segment the data and gain new insights

Get new insights and analyze the data in completely new ways through advanced segmentation with a simple overview. Get answers to questions that previously have been hard to answer, such as “Do our millennials thrive?”, “How are the 50+ staff doing?”, Or “To which extent is our new employees engaged?”

Employee engagement survey heatmap
Employee engagement survey with availability

Accessibility for all users, locations and devices

No matter where your employees are located in the world – Malmö, New York, Bangkok or anything in between – they can access Eletive. Nor does it matter which device you use. The tool works on computers, phone, and tablets. Your employees will love to use Eletive no matter who they are.

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