Employee survey

Realizing the value of data has been a success factor in digital development in recent years. Proper measurements, analysis, and evaluation create new vital insights. These insights are crucial to survive and succeed in the long run.

How is data collected on the most valuable of resources, the employees? The most common way to do it is by using a web survey reaching out to all employees in the organization.

The employee survey consists of a number of questions, and the answers are usually summarized on a team- and organizational level.

As employees are the most important resource, it’s reasonable to have a holistic approach and involve everyone in the feedback process.

Listening to all employees as well as giving everyone feedback with the same tool creates far-reaching effects.

We believe that a modern tool should have a holistic approach. The tool should be evidence-based, digital and have a user-friendly interface. To keep up with what is happening in the organization, we think it’s important to use the survey tool frequently, and on a regular basis. The tool should target key areas and selected segments. The feedback should be real-time, dynamic, digital, and provide clear insights. The feedback should also be comprehensive, including the entire organization, giving all employees an overview of their results as well as concrete tips on what to do to improve.

Working with Eletive results in increased productivity, a lowered number of sick-leave and reduced staff turnover. If you want to experience the benefits of using Eletive’s tool, contact us!

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