Employee Engagement Survey

The structured and systematic employee-data analysis is a success factor for many organizations. Measurement, evaluation and taking proper actions create new insights and productive behaviors. In the long run, these insights and behaviors are crucial for the success of the organization.

The top question on the agenda for many organizations today is – How do we work most efficiently with the data we gather regarding our most valuable resources, our employees?

An employee survey is an opportunity for the organization to pay close attention to the employees’ thoughts and opinions. The potential for utilizing the survey data correctly and efficiently is immense. Therefore, Eletive emphasizes the importance of using a modern and flexible tool for conducting surveys.

The traditional way of conducting employee surveys is often based on annual or biannual surveys. It may take weeks or months before the results of the survey are received, and the action plans might be postponed even more. In most organizations, a lot of important events may take place in the course of a few weeks or months. Thus, the risk of acting on old and irrelevant data becomes unacceptably large. In other words, there are several challenges with the traditional way of conducting employee surveys. Eletive addresses these challenges.

  • With real-time feedback, Eletive makes it possible for HR, managers and all employees to analyze the result right away
  • The real-time feedback also enables people to take action immediately, which is important when conflicts occur, stress symptoms increases, the workload gets overwhelming or if anyone experience bullying. That way, the risk of acting on old and irrelevant information is eliminated, and at the same time, the effect of the actions increases
  • By offering a modern and user-friendly interface, suitable for phones, tablets, and computers, Eletive makes it easy and inspiring to participate in the survey. This leads to higher participation rates and better data quality
  • The work with your employee survey becomes most efficient and engaging when each employee receives their own individual feedback immediately after participating in the survey
  • The responsibility for creating the needed improvements is assigned to all employees and managers, not only HR and managers

Eletive supports continuous pulse measurements and specializes in driving wellbeing and engagement, which leads to increased productivity, lower staff turnover and a lowered rate of sick-leave.

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