Increased insight and better personnel decisions

Drive engagement with a modern employee engagement survey

“The tool makes it easy to make insightful decisions. We choose for ourselves how often the measurements are to take place, pulse checks or less frequently. Whatever the frequency, we view the results in real time.”

Anders Jönsson

CEO Puma Nordic

Puma vit

Involving employees in taking responsibility, is the key to success. The responsibility is often imposed on the managers and HR. With Eletive, everyone in the organization is given the opportunity to collaborate for increased well-being and engagement.”

Anders Farsnäs

HR Manager Scandinavia

Kemira vit

Insights that drive improvement

Eletive optimizes your most important resource, your employees. By measuring well-being and engagement, you drive improvements within your organization. This results in increased engagement, reduced staff turnover, and reduced stress-related sick leave.

iPad employee engagement survey heatmap
Mac employee engagement survey overview

Great results through increased influence

Get the ability to manage information about your staff, and configure the settings easily. Eletive is designed with a focus on simplicity for the end user.

A safe ride from start to finish

In addition to a market-leading solution, everything you need is included.

Get comfortable with support from Eletive

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