Employee Engagement Surveys Built on a Modern Approach

Employee engagement is essential to a company’s success, with proven impact on financial profit, employee retention and well-being.Organizations reach even higher business-related objectives by empowering self-leadership.The use of a modern platform when conducting employee engagement surveys allows the organization to act on relevant data.

Better financial performance and employee happiness

The top question on the agenda for many organizations today is: How do we keep our employees, engaged? There are many benefits of workplace engagement and employee engagement should be an essential component of a company’s approach to success. This will culminate in high value in people as well as business-related objectives. These objectives include greater productivity, retention, and employee happiness as well as enhanced financial performance.

Less administration and more focus on working with results

The traditional employee engagement survey originates in taking actions based on yearly feedback from employees. This process is often both administratively heavy and not time effective. The results are sometimes presented a significant time after the survey is performed. These results are therefore likely to be inaccurate and difficult to turn into meaningful actions. Modern employee engagement surveys are often referred to as pulse surveys. Pulse surveys are about measuring everything important for engagement continuously, without having to ask the same questions more often than necessary.

Create more productive behaviors with people insights

Try understanding what drives employee engagement and how to measure it effectively. This helps organizations to meet and identify their employee’s workplace needs. An employee engagement survey allows for evaluation, measurement, and taking proper actions. These actions create new insights and productive behaviors such as self-leadership and empowered employees. Workplace engagement insights are crucial for the success of the organization. The use of a modern platform when conducting surveys allows the organization to act on relevant data.

The data-driven insights we receive in Eletive helps us to keep track of the engagement of our employees in real-time, leading to higher productivity and retention. At the same time, we get a wide picture of the company culture.

Cecilia Tibatt

HR Manager, Danir

Less guessing and more knowing, with modern employee engagement surveys

The data received when asking the right people insight questions gives a wider perspective of employee engagement. The engagement influences the overall well-being of the organization. Research shows that effective communication in organizations has a strong impact on workplace engagement and strategic objectives. This while it also creates a strong sense of belonging. Eletive emphasizes the importance of using a modern and flexible platform for conducting surveys to capture and act on people insights.

Create a culture of meaningful action-taking, fueled by your employees

A modern employee engagement survey is an efficient way organizations to pay close attention to their employee´s thoughts and opinions. The potential for utilizing the survey data correctly and efficiently is immense when performed in the right way. The most valuable resource companies possess is their employees. The use of a structured and systematic employee-data analysis is therefore a success factor for many organizations.

Reduced staff turnover with employee engagement surveys

Employees have basic and universal needs to be engaged. Organizations that listen to their employees can create achievable ways to engage them. The use of employee engagement surveys helps understanding the needs of your employees. This creates proven benefits such as innovative ways of working, reduced staff turnover, and profitability.

Strengthen your people to build a better company culture

Assist your employees in creating the culture they want to be a part of

Employee satisfaction surveys are the key to reveal information that is valuable in the process of achieving high employee engagement. Workplace engagement insights have become one of the key metrics to understand the culture of an organization. When you understand what makes your employees stick around, you will receive a workforce with high job satisfaction. Satisfied employees will be more than willing to contribute with both their time and effort. Many organizations use their employee engagement surveys to drive engagement within their organization.

Connect your employee engagement survey data to your business success outcome

Many organizations fail to effectively act on the findings they receive through employee engagement surveys. The importance of how you send out the employee engagement survey should not be overlooked. The timing and quality of your employee engagement questions will influence the quality of your results. Modern employee engagement surveys involve measuring every aspect that drives engagement continuously during the whole year.

Insights that drive engagement, not just measurement

To answer the question: “Most organizations measure the important areas in real-time, for example finance and marketing, so why not use the same strategy for employees?”. Modern employee engagement surveys apply this strategy by letting managers and HR get results and data in real-time. Only when given the right data at the right time can HR, managers and employees act when a problem occurs.