Employee engagement surveys and benchmark data

August 29, 2021

How to know if your employee engagement survey results are good or bad? Benchmarking can provide you with valuable context.

Whether you’re an HR Director, HR Business Partner, or CEO, you already know how important overall employee engagement is to drive your business forward. And that measuring employee engagement and collecting employee feedback is essential if you want to work proactively to improve culture and performance.

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Employee engagement data and benchmarking

With regular pulse surveys, you get an instant overview of the level of engagement in your organisation and how your employees experience their work. You can monitor trends, progress, and use heatmaps to quickly pinpoint problems before they become unmanageable. 

But, once you have all the survey responses, how to know what’s a good or bad result? And how to set goals?

This is where employee engagement benchmarks come in as a helpful tool. With the Eletive platform, you can benchmark your results towards the +1,6 million surveys in the database. You can of course also use external benchmarks for external comparison.

In the platform, you can choose to benchmark towards: 

  • All Eletive users

  • A specific industry

  • A specific segment within the organization

Benchmark reports provide context

Conducting an employee engagement survey will provide you with the data, and with data collected, you can begin to understand your employees' world of work. Benchmarking allows you to slice and dice the data from your employee survey results and compare different segments within your organisation with each other. Doing that can provide valuable insights about where things can be improved, and what parts of the organisation are working well.

Perhaps you’d like to compare employees who’ve been with your organization for 6 months, 1 year, and 3 years. Or maybe you want to compare your organization as a whole to other companies in your industry. Benchmarking will provide valuable context and help you set ambitious but realistic goals.

Are you interested in reading more about how Eletive can help you measure employee engagement– and the research behind our way of working? Download the Eletive Scientific Foundation.